Hello everyone 大家好啊, this page is dedicated to information about freelance translation work that I have been doing. It was time to finally have a place online where I could have an explainer page and this seemed as good a place as any to have an English facing side. If you haven’t seen my about page. My name is Will and I’ve lived in China for the past 5 years moving from England and I’ve not looked back since, I run a small translation business with my Chinese partner.

My Method 我的办法

English and Chinese are such different language that we constantly see bad translations everywhere. This tends to be down not just to bad translations but also to sometimes a lack of cultural understanding. No matter to what level I improve my Chinese there are still times when it just might not sound right to a native mandarin speaker. With this in mind I partnered up with a Chinese friend of mine. we use a two step approach when translating works to make sure the message is communicated effectively and naturally.

Chinese to English translations.

The bulk of the translation work is done by myself and then discussed with my partner to ensure that the message is communicated as intended.

English to Chinese translations.

The opposite for English to Chinese, my partner does the translation work and then we discuss and double check the work to make sure it is completely natural.

The result.

I have found that this method has stopped the “head banging against the wall” that would frequently occur when I would work on translation projects. It also speeds the process up somewhat, allowing work to completed in very short timescales.

Translation pricing examples.

I’m quite lucky it that I love translation work as does my partner. Bearing this in mind, please see below the pricing guide for translation. Since we work mainly ad hoc projects we don’t have particularly high overheads, I just visited one of the leading translation firms’ website and basically halved their pricing. 

  A high-quality translation intended for professional use Requires specific domain knowledge (i.e Technical, Medical, Aerospace)
A4 Sheet
A4 sheet of paper 70% text
$25 $35
200-page website
Product and services website
$950 $2000
Immigration Certificate
One page birth certificate
$60 (certified, including tax) NA
Marketing brochure
Four-sided A4 size brochure
$80 $160
Global marketing campaign
Marketing campaign for an enterprise
$2500 $4000
Emails $7 NA
Technical documentation manual $750 $2000

If what you’re looking for is not on the above table. Use $0.10 per word as a guide. Unless it is something extremely technical and we need to work with an outside specialist that should be accurate.

Email for a quote.