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I love teaching!

And so should you!

This time in 2015 I was working for what I would describe as a pretty miserable job in a call centre for a bank. The job itself did have some perks and I gained a lot of valuable experience working in financial services. After 18 months of the same however, it was just a job, no progression no nothing. Now I loved my life at the time, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I did, however, recognize the need for a change and something big. How could I get my career back on track? How could I chase that sound of destiny? Aha! Move to China. The idea of learning a foreign language has appealed to me my entire life and I am a true believer of if you do something you should do it well. Then why not try to learn the world’s hardest language?

So, there it was, my new life had started. Arriving into Beijing Capital Airport all those years ago and not speaking a word of the language. The unexpected now comes, however. To support me on my mission to learn Chinese I had taken a job teaching English in a Beijing middle school. The surprise comes in that I have loved every single day since.

Teaching is fantastic. What a great gift to have, to be able to enable young people to improve their lives. As a boy, there wasn’t much guidance for me. This was my opportunity to do my best to ensure that others could have focus in their lives earlier. As far as being a teacher, I find it very hard to give up and I suppose I will teach in some capacity for the rest of my life. Right now, I work part time teaching online. It’s great! I would recommend it to anyone. Sometimes, all you need in life is a little change of perspective. A breath of fresh air.