Skritter Review.

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After a number of beautiful pictures from Australia, the time has come where I decided that more of the Chinese apps that I use should be reviewed.

Now, I’ve already mentioned that a great app for Chinese language learning is Pleco which is perhaps the best English-Chinese dictionary app out there. Another favourite of mine goes by the name Skritter. Skritter is essentially a spaced repetition app that uses flashcards, but then it is so much more than your standard Anki app. The app breaks down new words into four distinct sections; reading, definition, writing and tone practice.

Reading, as the name suggests, entails reading a character.

Definition tests…. you guessed it, the definition.

The writing element has a sensible writing app.

and the tone practice is pretty good too.All in all. The individual parts by themselves aren’t particularly ordinary, together however, it has made memorising characters and new vocabulary far easier than I ever though possible.

Also, the big plus for non Chinese learners is the tone practice. Such an alien concept to a native English speaker, it is something that I will always struggle with. This app however, has gone some way to changing that.

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