Off we pop.

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I hate flying! And I hope that you do too. Cramped spaces mixed with an inability to eat, not to mention the environmental concerns. After having a think about all of this, the environmental impact of my vegetarianism is probably cancelled out by excessive flying. Maybe I should take a career change into developing a […]

Early doors coffee.

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Coffee in the morning is an important part of my life. Maybe not particularly healthy but still pretty important. This photo was taken in Tour Les Jours, which despite what the name might lead you to believe is a Chinese brand of coffee shop and also the earliest to open, at 7am.

Spas in Asia.

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For those of us who have never been to Asia, one thing (which I believe is common in most Asian cultures) is the 24hr spa. This is something I hadn’t even heard of until my second year living here and I can say that it has changed my life. The spas, or hot springs as […]

What a beautiful church!

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This photo was taken by 天河潭 tian1he2tan2. 天河潭 is a network of beautiful caves in Guizhou province. For this post however, I decided that the church was more beautiful, even though it was unexpected. I was surprised when I first moved to Guiyang as there are a large number of Christians compared to Beijing where […]

A new beginning for my website.

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Alas, the website hasn’t been updated since the end of last year.  A new beginning though!!!! I need somewhere to collate information about translation work that I’m doing so what better place eh? You’ll find a new section that I’ve added dedicated to translation work and the method that I use. Please take a look.  […]