I’m not on a boat…我不在船上。

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Today was Fraser Island, the biggest sand island in the world. Just off the Queesnland coast. I definitely recommend coming here. For me, it was a just a day trip but there is a 120km long beach, a shipwreck and tons of rainforest and history. 今天看到Fraser Island了,地球最大的沙岛。昆士兰州旁边。今天只有一天的游览但是有很多事,沉船,120公里的沙滩还有很多雨林和历史

I’m on a boat and…我在船上 。

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So I spent the last three days on an ex sailing boat exploring the Whitsundays. All I can say is that the Whitsundays are absolutely beautiful. A really nice getaway. I can’t say that I want to live on a boat though, too cramped. 那。。最近我花了三个天在船上,探险圣灵节的岛。我只可以说,圣灵节岛非常非常漂亮。很好的休息但是我不会说我想在船上住。

Skritter Review.

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After a number of beautiful pictures from Australia, the time has come where I decided that more of the Chinese apps that I use should be reviewed. Now, I’ve already mentioned that a great app for Chinese language learning is Pleco which is perhaps the best English-Chinese dictionary app out there. Another favourite of mine […]

Magnetic Island.

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Today involved going to the beautiful Magnetic Island. The island is just off the coast of townsville (only 20 minutes by ferry) but it feels like another world. First order of the day was to complete the forts walk. The forts walk, as the name suggests winds around the islands fortifications that date back to […]

Beach in the middle of nowhere.

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Right, so I spent the last week in Australia. I attempted to cycle down the coast which was abandoned after a couple of nights of tropical thunderstorms. During this mini adventure though, I did stumble upon this beach. About halfway between Cairns and Port Douglas there was this beach with no one. Australia is pretty […]